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How to Lower Your Risk for a Stroke Mar 14th, 2022

So many things in life are outside of your control, and that goes double when it involves your health. For example, anyone can experience a stroke, but your chances are much higher as you age or when you have a close family member with the condition.  A stroke occurs when...

Acute Back Pain Vs. Chronic Back Pain: Know When to Call a Doctor Feb 1st, 2022

Back pain may be a common problem, but that doesn’t make it easier to live with. It’s even more frustrating when an acute injury evolves into an ongoing issue. At Apex Neurology, Northern Medical Care PC in Forest Hills, New York, Dr. Omar Ahmed and his team can help with...

The Best Solutions for Migraine and Headache Pain Jan 5th, 2022

When headaches are ruling your life, it’s time to find an effective, long-term solution. Whether your headaches are intermittent, persistent, or they never seem to go away, all you want is complete and lasting relief. But what are the best ways to manage your headache pain? At Apex Neurology, Northern...